Pen Tayler Photography

Photos from the bottom of the world

About the photos

I am drawn to the continuously changing face of the natural environment, especially those micro landscapes that appear and disappear depending on weather, time and place. Returning to Hobart in 2010 after a long absence, I find my photography is inspired by the presence of so much water, the low angle of light and the natural beauty of Tasmania.

Current projects

In addition to pursuing my love of the natural environment, I am currently working on a project documenting past places of employment in Tasmania. My emphasis is on a sense of what has been lost and the silence and stillness of what remains. I want to create images that evoke the past while at the same time speaking to the present.

Available for purchase

My photos are available for sale in card packs containing five individual cards plus envelopes. There are also a limited number of photos available, matted and ready for framing, in A4 size. Proceeds from the sale of the cards go to the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.