Pen Tayler Photography

Photos from the bottom of the world
01. Beneath the drying floor, Kingsholme

About my work

I have a strong interest in the historical architecture of Tasmania, both in the rural environment and the industrial landscape. In my work I often find patterns and textures inadvertently created by those who built these structures, buildings that are sometimes designed for utilitarian purposes only.

I also enjoy writing and photographing for Tasmania’s 40 South magazine including interviewing and photographing some of Tasmania’s many talented artist and artisans.

About my nature photos

My love of the natural environment draws me to the continually changing face of Tasmania’s natural beauty, especially those micro landscapes that appear and disappear depending on time, weather and place.

In Tasmania, my photography is inspired by the presence of so much water and the low angle of light, but wherever I travel I look for those patterns and textures that tell a more intimate story than big picture photos.

Osmiridium Beach
Alpine Tasmania

About my cards

My photos are available in card packs containing five individual images, plus envelopes. The cards are blank inside for your own message. Proceeds from the card packs go to the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting irreplaceable sites and rare ecosystems in Tasmania.